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323 Collier Road, Bayswater
Western Australia 6053.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of our most frequently asked questions. If you have further questions, please feel free to call us and discuss any other queries you may have.

What is the largest size you can cut?
At present it is 4000 x 2000.

What is the thickest material you can cut?
25mm thick depending on the material type.

What is the thinnest material you can cut?
0.5mm thick

Can you cut copper and brass?
No, sorry!

If you can’t help me can you suggest someone who can?
Yes we can and are more than happy too help you out.

Can you organise bending?
Yes we certainly can…

Can you organise fabrication?
Of course!

What is the smallest hole you can cut?
This depends on the material but if you work on thickness of plate to min hole diam you are safe – should you require a smaller perforation, please call to discuss your requirements.

What about your drawings?
We don’t have a programming charge, however in some cases a programming charge may apply and you will be notified of this. Should your parts not match your drawings or for some reason you receive parts that are not up to our high standard then these parts will be re-cut free of charge and without argument. Quotations will be turned around in a prompt efficient manner and with the best price available. Should you happen to find a cheaper price, let us know.


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